Wonderland (Easy)

You and your team have found a magical portal to the enchanting world of Wonderland! Unfortunately for you, the Queen does not take kindly to visitors and has given you 1-hr to solve all the puzzles and locate a way to open the portal back to your world or risk being stuck as her prisoners in Wonderland forever!

Nightmare Before Christmas (Intermediate)

The citizens of Halloween town have kidnapped Santa and have locked him away in attempts to drain his Christmas spirit. Your team has 60 minutes to find and free Santa before Christmas is ruined forever!

Rick and Morty Workshop (Hard)

Grandpa Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith have kidnapped your team from Dimension S-L1DE11) and are holding you in Rick’s garage lab until they determine where they can store you for later experimentation. Rick and Morty are out in the Multiverse on an adventure, giving your team 60 minutes to solve the clues and puzzles around you that will help you find the portal gun that can be used to help you escape back to your dimension.